Zune + I

Iv always been different, when against the grain…. jus the black sheep in some way or another. And when the massive ipod movement began it left a bad taste in my mouth… now im not bashing the ipod.. but its just not appealing to me… for one eryone andthey mother has an ipod, literally!!.. (but i will admit the ipod touch is the shit, if only it came in a +30gb size)… So when i caught wind of the zune release in the spring of ’06.. it was a wrap. I loved the bastard since i saw it.. n the thing was it was fresh, new and it was different…. all the traits I like.. I immediatlly baught it n enjoyed it… I would say the Zune gave me a ravid thirst for new and different music… knowing i could have all those songs with me mean i could have all I wanted…….Until I ran out of space…I deleted all my movies n videos… but soon filled it up to capacity… Luckly for me the Zune80 was out and It was perfect….. So now I have 80gbs of space n Im damn sure imma fil that up soon 2…….Zune80Zune30 White

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