Lately I’ve been looking into the world of free ware in the terms of alternative OS’s. I always heard of Linux, and Ubuntu, but never had the idea to try n test it.. Not that I was unable just it never occurred that it was an option.. Iv found that all theses other systems are great systems.. but not for everyone. For Example, PC gamers, and business types might find it hard to switch. But its a fun, and refreshing experience. The instillation of these operating systems is very simple… there are tons of on-line guides to walk you through to the install. I personally, don’t feel comfortable ditching my Vista (even with all the hecklers to Vista, I like it) and switching completely to Linux. Right now (as I type) I’m installing Ubuntu.. The Install was so Simple it took me Literally under 5min… I just needed to download the 700mb file…lols that’s the longest part. I cant wait to see what its like, and leave my comments hopefully good to the system……………………… To Be Continued Updated…….


………… I had the scare of my life.. I swear I thought i fucked up my laptop tryn to install Ubuntu….
The reboot showed error and didn’t load any OS.. It took ,me 15min to realize that I deleted the partition and half way installed Ubuntu on it so it would even load the Root OS selector….. but I finally got it working.. And this is the 1st post From Ubuntu….WOOT!  Whooooo! Thats more me..lol


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