Crazy Rap Skillz

Today I was listing to MF Dooms Album MM…Leftovers when I heard a song called “Hot Guacamole”, I’ve heard the song b4 and liked it alot because of the featured rapper, but never thought to look up the guy. Until today… As the Verzion People installed FiOs into my house I searched for Paul Barman AkA MC Paul Barman… I found his site here… Then I went and got his albums “Paullelujah!” and “Its Very Stimulating”…. Yet to Listen to them in Their entirety… but I have two fav tracks “Cock Mobsters” a sexual tirade on the female celebrities MC Paul B would essentailly bone and using a very colorful vocabulary to complement the names of each woman….. n Second is “Bleeding Brain Grow” which sounds to me like Reading Rainbow…..IDK… But this guy is crazy wit the mic… check him… youtube interview and Bleeding Brain Grow Video after Jump…..


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