MF DOOM (All Caps When U Spell The Man Name)

MF DOOM the best unknown rapper to my knowledge not to say I know a lot…lol but the fact that he is unknown is probably by his own intention… He has many aliases that he raps, and produces under… like MF DOOM, Viktor Vaughn, Danger Doom, King Geedorah, and the duo called Madvillain.. which is MF DOOM X Madlib… He also wears a mask similar to the one Russel Crow wore in Gladiator… The characters MF DOOM, and Viktor Vaughn are based off Dr.Doom.. Viktor being Dr.Dooms real name b4 all the science stuff went wrong.. all of his persona’s are very different in their sound.. For example, MF is more light in terms of gore and darkness in his raps. He also has more humor to his lyrics…as where Vik (Viktor Vaughn) is more dark and gritty… both tell a non linear tales on there songs, and have an unbalanced yet amusing rhyme schemes. Danger Doom only appeared twice with “The Mouse in The Mask” and “The Occult Hymn”… both are Adult Swim productions. And as for King Geedorah he only appeared as an artist once with “Take Me to Your Leader”…

To be cont…..


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