ColdPlay Concert Verizon Center Wash. DC

Last night I saw the greatest performance ever. Granted i didnt see that many in my day but damn that show was great, the whole experience was great including the story of how we got in… lol.. But the show was great Coldplay Rocks with a passion love and energy that is amazingly sick.. the way they put it all in all their songs and I was singing along the whole way. no joke. The song selection was perfect with a balanced order not playing all the best 1st but giving then slowing u down. They even ran up into the stands and performed in the back to give the fans in the cheap seats a great show. Which in my opinion made the show that much special. The Encore was great. The lights the confetti, the stage set up, the music the passion the fans everything mad that show what it was..

fave line Chris Martin says ” you know when a singers ego is out of control when he thinks he can play the harmonica…. I cant play this thing for shit!! but it think i can”.


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