New Writer Mr. R Larkin

Hello readers my name is Reggie Larkin, I am currently attending Morgan State University. I am studying English with a concentration in journalism. I tend to write about things I’m passionate about such as Fashion, Environment, and Music. I have never been one to talk about myself but if you ever have questions or want me to write about a certain topic hit me up at my e-mail

Now, that we have gotten the introductions out of the way let’s get down to business! Like I said before fashion is a very big part of my life and like any Fashion fiend I am all but too anxious about the fall this year. I am excited to see people all layered up and colorful this year. With so many styles being revamped and revived, I can hardly wait to see what my favorite retailers will have in store. I wanted to let you all in on a few of my obsessions that I’m sure will be a big hit this year. For the colligate man Cardigans and vests are a must, they automatically upgrade any outfit. Women should look forward to high waist wide legs and clean trousers, they are the perfect item for a woman on the go who wants to make an impression and look good doing it. The ultimate unisex item this year will have to be scarves they are neat cool and add a personal flair to any outfit. Here is a tip: try looking for a unique scarf at your local thrift store, you know what they say about one man’s trash. My challenge to the readers is to let me know what they think of my picks and try them out for themselves.

Also Quick Post By Our new Writer R. Larkin

Janelle Monea

Video After Jump….


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