New Zunes and Firmware!!!!

New Zunes and Firmware for everyone!!!! well the firmware and software is everyone you still have to buy a new Zune. There’s a Black 120GB Zune, and a new Blue Zune only in the flash versions. The new firmware and software include alot of new features. From allowing you to hop on hotspots and download straight from the Zune, and tag songs from the RAdio as you hear it!!!! The Freakin Radio!!! Thats what I call a quick turn around. Plus the Games have left the beta stage and become officially part of the firmware. Sweeet!!…The software has new visual updates and new features also. This seems to be the biggest update ZUne has seen all at once. Gone are the olden Days Firmware its time for v3.0….
PS> the Zune has a clock, soo all you Ipod heads blow deez lol..


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