MidNight+ Rant VOl. !

Im on summer vacation from my second year in college. Looking back at my first two years and in some peoples minds the first four semesters ( only if you havent taken mini’s or summer sessions) Morgan Student Slang… Thinking of what ive done in my time here, people ive met friends ive made, and the places ive been. I could never imagine that id be doing wht i am, or where i am at this very moment. i never imagined id be here. Life was a local fare. You only knew what you saw everyday, the same mundane pass to HP High, same faces, names, sounds, stories, even the same seasonal images. From the falls golden path up Powder Mill Rd, and the Winters shimering sidewalks. I never appreciated the world that is Baltimore, the bright lights of New York, or the night shore of Haiti ( Leogane to be spec.), all those places never had the centamental-ess-ness they have today. The great memories that come with life. At Times I feel like im far older than my age reveals, i feel as if im 45 with kids type old. making memories that will last a lifetime, ones ill share in bars with my friends, or ill share with my sons. What was i talking about…. pardon as I read over the passage ok… something about remenicing *texting brandyn at 1:14am… B:wyd Me:Blogging…..cont* ok enuff breaks,… how life can be so great and how I as Youth should enjoy them, try and make as many as you can… always try to have the time of your life…. its now you can run and play, and get drunk, high, whatever and have no responsibilitys, so go out there and enoy life, go fuck some whore on balt, street…. it doesnt matter, you damn sure cant do it where your married shit……LMAO this rant will be the first of many…LOLOLOL


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