Mobile drop 2

What’s the hold up in your life? Honestly think about it, what is keeping you from success? You have all the dreams and keep saying “One day” or “when I get older”. The problem with the majority of our outlooks on life is that we don’t have a time table for our goals. I admit that I myself fall victim to this. If you look at the most successful people in history, they had the master plan. Its like a three step plan. 1. Dream it, 2. Write it down and give them at date, 3. Then don’t stop pursuing it until you reach it. RINSE AND REPEAT. Don’t forget to tell people about what your trying to do. You never know who can open a door, or give you a helping hand.

These words aren’t just bull shit, being spread around. These words have come from people I’ve met and observed. People who are where I would like to be.

P.S. Don’t give up. You know better.


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