That Girl

U can try to run and hide
It wont make a difference
U can lie to urself
Of the reason
Sure it hurts wen it comes to ur attention
That ur in love with the girl

Yessir, that’s her
But it wasn’t like that back wen I met her
The lavish life from all the do? spun
Before the RR had the hitchhike thumb
Her friends didn’t like niggaz like us but i
Arrested the coochie and her feelings got cuffed
Spiderweb sex, must’a got caught up
But there’s more to it
I remember once
Sayin’ let’s shit on the peons
Let’s go ta vegas nd watch celine dion
Make em say ‘wat we on???
U say no like u was doin it for eons
Fuck it, I’ll just hum and let the watch give off the neons
Wen it rains it pours
I laughs to myself wen I change the score
U said my sex was a lot but my brain gave u more
And sumn bout how ya ex was a toy
I guess he played games
There’s only diamond dice here
Not tryin ta justify
But wen ya shut ya eye u can touch the sky
U in trouble ma
And u should pray about speed
But if this bout u
Wat that say about me?

This is the realest verse in my life at the moment… damn near down to a T . Its like theres a song angel that plays the most relavent song on the shuffle mode of your ZUNE… Damn that good programing!… Pharrell you are the man for this exibit of creative expression.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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