My Physical

My physical is unlike any you have experienced.
One taste will have you addicted.
My physical will cause you to be delusional with false emotions.
It will call you in your dreams, and pull you to me when you awake.
Driving you into a wet, sweaty thirst.
You will stalk it like lion does its prey,
But with my physical you are the hunted.

My physical is the best you ever had,
all before and after will seem like teases,
to what my physical gives you.
My physical is primal, like an untamed beast of passion.
Beating your drum, and thumping deep inside you.
At the same time its lips can whisper sweet nothings into your heavenly gates.
cause your body to rumble with anticipation,
and bring it back to an unbearable calm,
only to cause you to erupt and writhe in a never ending chain of orgasmic bliss
Pulsing through your core and causing down pours of which drives my physical.

You cannot describe my Physical.
Full words could not tell its true tale.
half uttered sounds, slurred speech, and tears of joy.
only that can ever paint the master piece that is my physical.
Like Leonardo’s Sistine Chapel, my physical is a gift from above.
To witness it is to have your eyes open for the very first time.

My physical will never leave your mind.
Memories of it will cause the blood to rush to your center.
And any who try and substitute will fall in comparison.
My physical.
Is a gift and a curse.
A burden of luxury, not many deserve it,
and only a few shall taste its captivating nectars.

You will love my Physical,
and Hate not having it again.
And thus you will hate me.
My physical.

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