Photoshop Creations

Alright here we go, this portion of my blog is dedicated to all my creations on photoshop. Ill display and try to give you a little story on the inspriration that when into each design as I post them. There could be some huge gaps between the next post because I want to post the old work firsts all in one area, so dont get discouraged. Leave your opinion on my work im critical of my work so I it wont hurt me if you keep it real with me… Thanks Hope you enjoy my work.. and maybe in the future ill open up to requests and all that.

This design was made specifically for this blog, I’m trying to make this blog into a brand. I got inspired by this ad I saw from H&M, mostly the gradient overlay for the text. I used a bunch of brushes for the background and a gray to black gradient for the background.  This one is just called A.M.R the initials of the blog really pretty simple nothing special.

This second one is called Seeing Sounds, i got inspired by N.E.R.D’s latest album called Seeing Sounds. I created some brushes myself to get the colored dots. The text was just another gradient and drop shadow. As you can see I love gradients, and later youll see that I love alot of other features and techniques.

This one is just one I came up with one day when I was bored. I thought of the glaxies out there in the great beyond, and I have a thing for using the strokes. Some people who know my work say its like my silent signature but I kinda disagree publicly that is. This was made from scratch not previously

This image I just made today Sept. 20, 2008. This one is pretty sweet, in my opinion, I used some layering effects on this one. I like that if you look through the words, you can see the image semi hidden. This style may be used again in the future, but in different ways. Keep an eye out for more work.. Holla!!

New works…. no real story just testing new skills out here.


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