Untitled (Name it for me)

The Wind Is blowing ,It never seems to stop
I think of all the Troubles I have and It Revs up Even Higher
My Lifes full of wild winds some who have jus come to be
But worst of all the wind is caused by me

My actions towards others are always misunderstood
it seems as if nobody gives me a chance
The wind Rants and raves of what I should do
But never giving me a chance move
My Reasons are held inside by the wind and never let out
I feel as if my only escape is sleep
But even then the wind of my life awake me to face them once more

The wind chokes me up and keeps me from letting loose
My words come out jumbled in short uncontrolled burst
Then the wind seals me up again to quench its savage thirst
It attaks unmecifly combinig into one huge gust.
Relentless with its onslaugt.

Thus are the winds of my life.

By. Mandelson


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